Aikido Gasshuku 2018

Trainees from all groups welcome.

The seminar starts April 22th at 09.00 and finishes April 28th at 12.00.

Gymnase de la Rostagne
avenue de la Rostagne
Antibes (France)

Accomodation and map:

Daily schedule
Every day 09.00 à 12.00
Tai jutsu / Aiki-ken / Aiki-jo



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Tous les pratiquants sont bienvenus, quelle que soit leur fédération d’appartenance.

Le séminaire débute le 22 avril à 09.00 et finit le 28 avril à 12.00.

Gymnase de la Rostagne
avenue de la Rostagne
Antibes (France)

Hébergement et plan d’accès:

Programme quotidien
Tous les jours de 09.00 à 12.00
Tai jutsu / Aiki-ken / Aiki-jo

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What is Traditional Aikido?

Aikido is not a sport, it is a martial art which laws (takemusu) are in harmony with the laws of the universe. Studying them allows the practitioner to understand his place in the universe. Aikido was born in Iwama, O sensei achieved in that village the synthesis of tai jutsu, aiki ken and aiki jo.

Where to practice Traditional Aikido?

The International Takemusu Aikido Federation (ITAF) brings to the practitioner the structure he needs in order to work as close as possible to the reality O sensei MU defined. The official national representations are the guarantee of a teaching faithful to the Founder's.

The weapons of Aikido, aiki ken and aiki jo

In modern Aikido, weapons are hardly taught, if taught at all. In O sensei's Aikido, on the contrary, aiki ken, aiki jo and tai jutsu are unified and form together a riai, a family of harmonious techniques stemming from one unique principle. Each techniques helps understand all the others.

Aikido, a martial art or an art of peace?

Peace is a balance between a human being and the world around him. The true martial art's goal is not to become stronger than one's opponent but to find in that opponent a way to realize harmony. There is no enemy anymore as such, but an opportunity offered to reach unified ki.
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